Delivering Reliable Optimized Operational Dashboard Solutions

Are you facing trouble in collecting data in your usual work life? You're worried about the risks that can hinder your operations? This is the moment when you can approach us for the operational dashboard services. Our team, through the performance dashboard, will assist you to analyze data from variant places and help you to make apt decisions. Without spreadsheets and manual presentation, our BI dashboard software can provide access and help you to visualize the data through the web-based dashboards.

The dashboard can be categorized for various scenarios and our professional team can segregate data based on the users' choice. Through our operational dashboard, you can understand what is happening in your organization. Our operational dashboard will segregate crucial information from the messed-up data and then showcase crystal-clear data, which will help you as an organization to complete the task swiftly and effectively. To prevent hindrance, an operational dashboard will be keeping an eye on the real-time data. We usually link up our dashboard with the KPI dashboard and a monitoring dashboard for a clearer image.

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The Tools That We Use for Developing Your Operational Dashboard

Dashboard Experts India employs a variety of methods that might propel your company to the top. Datapad, Geckoboard, Databox, DashThis, AgencyAnalytics, Plecto, Klipfolio, Cyfe, Dundas BI, Inetsoft, and Tableau are some of the tools we implement.

The tools will guide you through the KPI that will inform you how an operation is taking place in your firm in terms of sales, marketing, and recruitment via an operational dashboard.


Using the dashboard program, you can track, examine, and gather business data from the web and app to take your business to the next level.


Using Grafana's open-source analytics and dashboarding solution, businesses can easily ingest, query, and display data with interactive visualizations.


Databox helps you connect the performance of your business data via tools from your comfort zone to make data-driven decisions.


Dasheroo lets you track messed-up business data seamlessly. With Dasheroo, you can get a visual dashboard with alluring BI analytics.


The tools we use enable us to locate your needs across the organization for integrating, managing, and visualizing data. It is a Java-based business intelligence application.


Through this open-source BI and data visualization tool, you'll be able to create impressive stories from the data. The format is easy to use for business owners and stakeholders.

Google Data Studio

Transform your business with Google data studio reports and dashboards and take it to a new level. The dashboard is fully customized and can be shared with the team.


It's an open-source platform that can display data in simple visuals. This tool provides you with complete ownership which implies you have complete control over your data movement.

Tableau Public

It's a full-featured free platform that helps you organize, visualize, and share data. Furthermore, its huge data library can provide you with a data visualization tool that will assist you with structured data.


It is a premier analytics dashboard reporting platform that gives corporate insights. Giving you a dependable source to examine and illustrate the complexity.

Best in Class Operational Dashboard Development Company

The creation of the dashboard is directly linked with the overall planned data of an organization. The business objective and their indicators of KPIs are crucial for the development of the dashboard.

Our dashboard can provide you with ease of data transformation that can help you with incorporating decisions.

data trasformation

Enhanced Solution

We will be providing you with an enhanced dashboard solution that will ease your work and make it accessible for your clients. This sort of analysis can enhance your overall performance.

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Data Visualization

Our dashboards will be in various forms, like graphs, pie charts, and diagrams. Furthermore, you can have a concise report and visuals that are simply accessible to customers and your team.

data trasformation

Data Solution

At Dashboard Experts India, we help firms convert their data into accurate information for a smooth process business. Through our dashboard, you can make data-driven decisions and access your data seamlessly.

Will be delivering a dashboard that can resonate with your audience to create content.

Why Choose Dashboard Experts India for Operational Data Dashboard Services?

Our dashboard services are making an impact for both startups and established organizations. Our experts, through the business operations dashboard, focus on all relevant data and then focus on the further action needed.


Seamless Communication

Through our dashboarding service, you can easily visualize your business insights, because analyzing data without a dashboard can be a bit tough. So, through our dashboard, you can easily access crucial info for making apt decisions.


Tracking KPIs

KPIs are a crucial factor when it comes to tracking the progress of the business. Through our dashboarding service, you can easily analyze the data and fulfill your overall goals. And through it, you can locate your drawbacks and work on them.


Better Information

Empowering your business with better information and providing a window to your user for a prompt understanding of the business data. And portraying things easily and finding necessary info for your problems.


Real-Time Data

Providing you with real-time data visualization that can assist users to see their downfall and rise through the data. This can assist employees in making full-fledged data and overall enhance the productivity of the work.

Benefits of Building Your Operational Dashboard Today!

Whether you're willing to customize your dashboard or willing to get a new one developed to meet your business needs we can be your best pick. Hire our professional team and get your Operational dashboard design implemented today.

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Futuristic Analysis

Our operational dashboard solution will provide you with an opportunity to view your futuristic data. And then plan your strategy as per your performance.


Operating Management

Our operational dashboard experts will assist you to focus on making goals depending on your patterns, data, trends, and indications which will help you to be ahead of your competitors.

seamless monitoring

Current Time Visibility

An operational dashboard will allow you to permit the overall health of your organization and guide you to take an apt step through data visualization.

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Regular Improvement

An operational dashboard solution can provide you with continuous improvement which will altogether save your time and increase your efficiency and productivity.

Industries That Benefit from Our Performance Dashboard

Making data-driven decisions is essential in every industry, and companies that want to expand should have a specific aim that can help them choose an appropriate target.

Additionally, a KPI dashboard enables your company to have the essential data so that you can discover all of your areas for improvement, ensure that you focus on issue areas, and gain a better understanding of the overall process.

Financial Industry

Before investing in any equities, every single moment is tracked in the data-driven world that governs the financial sector. The dashboard can be bifurcated into various sections, like giving access to the HR department and some common KPIs are

  • Revenue is generated as per your business unit
  • Cost of the valuable goods sold
  • Deals closed as per employees
  • Sales per employee
  • Employee engagement
  • Customer satisfaction

Retail Industry

Our KPI dashboard is beneficial for retailers since it enables them to manage for a better understanding, which will inspire them to monitor their staff and assist the business in growth. Retailers can use various dashboards to calculate the department's metrics

  • Keeping a note of the average order values
  • Checking on employee's average customer rating
  • Percentage of orders placed online and offline
  • Percentage of genuine feedback
  • Complaints per employee based on departments

Travel and Tourism Industry

Our KPI helps the travel and tourism sector because it provides a range of benefits required for your business. Having all the information, including income, passenger count, and employee satisfaction, might be advantageous to the sector. Metrics used in the travel industry are:

  • Client satisfactory level
  • Sales conversion rates
  • Booking created through online ways
  • Complaints per business
  • Order days and delivery placed
  • Product return rates

Manufacturing Industry

Through our dashboard solution a firm can understand its company's overall performance, checking its trend in production and various ways through which we can enhance its efficiency. KPIs in the manufacturing industry can be categorized into various metrics:

  • An issue faced by per employee (considering every machine)
  • Employee worked overtime
  • Checking the difference between quality and quantity

Health and Safety Dashboard

Visualize metrics that can enhance your company's health and lead to safety practices. These dashboards can assist organizations in making a data-enhanced approach.

It can also monitor the overall operation and manage the risk assessments.

  • Risk assessment
  • Pending approval
  • Evacuation time
  • Awaiting submission

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It was extremely simple to contact them and schedule an appointment. I'm pleased with their assistance. I would also strongly recommend it to others.

Jayadeva Bakshi - Marketing Expert

I came across their page by chance and was unsure whether to contact them for the dashboarding solution. However, I'm glad I did because now I can easily and smoothly manage the entire team's process.

Madhava Achaval - SEO Expert

We are a 100-person team, and managing work was extremely difficult for us. We are grateful to them for allowing us to resume full-time work in a professional manner.

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I was looking for an organization that can provide a process where I can check all the meaningful data and stats of my products and check whether the machines are working appropriately or not. I’m glad that I came across their site and got my work done. Will be recommending my friends too.

Anirudh Sharma - Digital Strategist

Managing my business was becoming a roller coaster ride for me and I was perplexed and running out of ideas on how to get the work done. Someone suggested their name and these people guided me through the operational dashboard system and helped me with the most adequate data where I was able to figure out where my team was lacking. Great work!

Gagandeep Kaur - Marketing Lead

Frequently Asked Questions

The operational dashboard includes operational data. Mostly, it includes operations performance indicators and KPIs that will be enhancing the performance of the overall activities of your business.

An operational dashboard helps you to collect information related to the overall operations taking place in your organization. Which can gather and display all the relevant data in the visualization that can monitor the overall process and turn it into actionable data.

An operational dashboard is a type of dashboard that will be focusing on monitoring the performance of your business and delivering it in a short duration. Operational analysis is designed to provide a clear view of your daily operations.

Compare and then join your hands with us for the most relevant operational dashboard. Join your hands and see how we can improve your overall work.