Why Use Business Analytics Data for Campaigns?

Are you having trouble managing your company's data? If you answered yes to this question, don't worry; many others are in the same situation as you. At Dashboard Experts India, we help our clients make precise data-driven decisions with our business analytics dashboard. Furthermore, using our marketing dashboard, you can track current trends and design powerful campaigns that might help you reach a large audience.

If you're looking for a trustworthy partner to assist you enhance your dashboarding services, we're the right fit. We have years of knowledge and a competent team ready to help you with your issues.


Business Analytics Dashboards for Result-Focused Solutions

Through the business analytics dashboard, you can easily track your organization's overall performance. It also allows the executive to grasp a large amount of data while overseeing the visual data.

The Business Intelligence Dashboard showcases different features with the help of the data through graphs and charts. Where the operational dashboard will include various interactive functions that will provide you with real-time data monitoring.

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Data Visualizations

You can use our dashboards to present performance indicators, KPIs, and other pertinent information using various forms of visualizations. It also includes a variety of visualizations such as pie charts, bars, bubble charts, and many more.

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Data Tables

Our business analytics dashboard solution incorporates data tables for a quick view of the relevant variables. The tabular data can highlight all of the necessary and critical trends, displaying the diminishing graph of sales based on the geographical sector.

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Drill-Down Capabilities

Examine data by delving deep into the visuals from the low to the top level to reveal the hidden data set. With the help of the dashboard reports, you can examine the metrics and establish your targets accordingly, as well as unearth hidden insights.

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Get an automation solution that can add filters for geographical customization, dates, and time editing while looking for various regional basis sales and other parameters for a focused view of the crucial information.

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Text Boxes

Get dashboards solutions from top-class dashboarding organization Dashboard Experts India that incorporate text boxes and tools that elaborate data and provide extra information and deliver detailed results.

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Sales Dashboard

The Sales dashboard is used by executives, managers, sales groups, and the overall team that uses dashboards to showcase the overall sales by keeping the region, investment value, responding on time, and more.

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Understanding Customer Experience

Dashboarding enables you to understand your customer and can track the overall performance, which also includes retention rates, revenue, and overall lifetime you can use overall plan marketing to generate sales and increase your market graph.

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Finance Dashboard

The finance dashboard helps businesses display KPIs for CIOs, executives, and seniors in the finance department. These dashboards consist of operating expenses, working capital, and a few more stuff through which you can manage your overall business and conduct financial planning.

Use our variety of charts, widgets, summaries, and tabular views to create insightful KPI reports and dashboards that can ease your work.

Tailor-Made Services from Business Analytics Dashboard

Dashboard Experts India, a leading Business Analytics Dashboards provider, offers data visualization solutions to help you examine your organization's data.

Influencers can use interactive tools such as filters, numerous charts, and graphs to get a comprehensive picture of the firm's data in one spot. We have a specialized team that will assist you whenever it is required for your business. Dashboarding helps organizations achieve new heights and engage with their customers.



While providing dashboarding services, we keep our clients' needs in mind. We have a comprehensive interaction with the clients to fully grasp their requirements and needs before moving forward with the whole dashboarding services.



Creating full-fledged custom business analytics dashboards and providing a comprehensive solution. By embracing all of these points, we ensure that your firm achieves success.



Making certain that relevant dashboards are delivered by incorporating all necessary benefits that can meet all of your dashboarding needs. We take care of the dashboard and keep it up to date with the current trends.



Our team also make certain to provide services after the projects are completed. We do not pause the service; we are always there to provide services after delivery too.

Benefits of Building Your Dashboard Today

Convert your numbers into relevant data. Simply discuss your requirements and they will be put into your dashboarding with proper refined facts and numbers. You can delegate the rest of the work to us and receive a comprehensive data-driven, custom-built dashboard. We offer dashboarding services that will provide you with solutions that yield results.

Provide Marketing

Tracking KPIs

It's a crucial tool that will assist you to track the overall process of your firm. Through the Business Analytics dashboard, you can seamlessly view and analyze the data and business goals.


Better Information

Through dashboard you can get a clear understanding of your customer which can make the overall process easy to understand and can implement new trends in the business for rapid growth.

seamless monitoring

Easily Accessible

The dashboard can assist you with your organization's performance and provide profound reporting and analysis that can improve your business. Also, it’s easy to overlook performance through insights.

report in Depth

In-depth Report

We deploy the data in the form of visuals and then build the report with the data in mind. Dashboard data, information, and required reports can help you make precise decisions.

Here’s What Our Customers Say About Us

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We were able to view all of our KPIs in one place, allowing us to monitor and analyze our employees' overall performance. Furthermore, the team is always ready to assist whenever we require it.

Amitabh Deep - TA Manager

The process did not take long, and we were able to complete our requirements ahead of schedule. We are glad we chose them for the development process.

ndrani Cheema - Sr. Manager

These people are always on time and know how to professionally guide us. I'm glad they're assisting us in finding the best dashboarding solution.

Roodra Lata - SEO Executive

Dashboard Experts India has enabled us to implement KPIs with the assistance of the business analytics dashboard, it's also an easy and quite powerful tool for our business. Personally, I'm pleased with their service and the kind of data which they provide.

Lalita M.- TA Manager

It was really tough for us to manage the business, the data were cluttered and my team was facing lots of problems and I came across their website and got the problem solved. I would suggest them to everyone looking for a Business Analytics dashboard solution.

Maya Jaiswal - Sr. Tech Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

We make sure to add the following necessary pointers to your development program:
  • Appropriate KPIs and reports which will assist you in making better decisions and full-fledged plans.
  • Providing you with interactive business reports that will assist you in making a strategic plan.
  • Compact and clear data for delivering accuracy.

It will help you to:
  • Understand your targeted audience and get a clear idea of the process.
  • Maximize your interaction with proper reports in a sequence.
  • Use apt visuals and colors for interactive UX.
  • Make sure that your dashboard has the information that the audience might be looking for.

Dashboard Experts India will be providing you with the needed business dashboard solution that will be solving all your business-related data from various sources.
Give a try to our multiple visualization options, and in-depth analysis. Now, you can easily collaborate and deliver reports to your team members.

Creating a window through a business dashboard to provide the most insightful data that can improve your enterprise as a whole.